Nutcracker Movie Tickets

The Nutcracker Prince along with his army of Toy Soldier battles the Rat King and his army. Young Clara is the center of this nightmare but saves the Nutcracker Prince in the end.

Nutcracker Postponed Until January!!!

With the new mitigations, theatres are unable to open and we believe there would be more family members able to attend in January once vaccines are available and after all the holidays.  We will celebrate the 12 days of Christmas (which goes into January) as we count down the days to our Nutcracker Movie Showings!  We are so grateful that we got everything on film early!  The current editing process is looking amazing!  We are so excited to share it with you, and came up with an exciting idea!!!
We understand how excited everyone is to see this Movie and how much you have missed seeing the process through rehearsals since we couldn’t have parent helpers. We will help satisfy your craving with a BONUS Nutcracker Movie- “The Making of The Nutcracker Movie!” This will be available to all ticket holders to watch Virtually over the holidays with your families!  This Bonus “Behind the Scenes” film will not only have behind the scenes footage, interviews with the dancers, special on-location shootings at the Ellwood House, Green Screen Studio, and the Egyptian Theatre, but it will also have Sneak Peek clips from the actual Nutcracker Movie!  Even though this Bonus “Nutcracker Movie- Behind the Scenes” is an added expense for BFSD, it will be FREE for all ticket holders that have tickets by Dec. 22nd.  I hope everyone will accept this as a token of my appreciation for everyone’s patience!  It will be sent out by email on Dec. 23rd.  Merry Christmas!
You will be receiving an email from the Egyptian Theatre in the next few days explaining that you don’t need to do anything, because your tickets are automatically updated to the new dates in January.  Instead of showing the Nutcracker Movie the 1st two weekends in December, we will be showing the Nutcracker Movie the last two weekends in January.  The health department agreed with us that this would be a great time to reschedule and they were very optimistic!  We have been in close communication with the health department and they have been very supportive and complimentary to us for the way we have thought outside the box to help keep our dancers safe while helping with their mental health.
We will keep the schedule the same with the Red Carpet Appearances.  Weekend #1 is still the Genoa Cast and Weekend #2 is still the St. Charles Cast with the exception that we are moving our Genoa Cast Friday 2pm showing to the 2nd weekend on Friday at 2pm. The Egyptian Theatre will also be emailing all ticket holders the Bonus Nutcracker Movie- “The Making of the Nutcracker Movie” on Dec. 23rd.
Below is a summary of the dates-
Tues. December 22nd
Deadline to purchase tickets if wanting to see the Free Bonus Nutcracker Movie Virtually, “The Making of The Nutcracker Movie.”
Wed. December 23rd-
The Virtual “The Making of The Nutcracker Movie” will be emailed to all ticket holders from the Egyptian Theatre.
“The Nutcracker Movie” Egyptian Theatre Showings-
Thurs. January 21st- 7pm (Genoa Movie Cast- Company Leads Red Carpet)
Fri. January 22nd– 7pm (Genoa Movie Cast- Chinese, Candy Cane, Battle, Spanish Red Carpet)
Sat. January 23rd– 2pm (All Cast Jack in the Box Red Carpet- Genoa Cast everything else)
Sat. January 23rd– 7pm (Genoa Movie Cast- Mice, Mother Ginger, Angels, Cousins Red Carpet)
Thrus. January 28th– 7pm (St. Charles Movie Cast- Company Red Carpet)
Fri. January 29th– 2pm (Genoa Movie Cast- Special “At Risk” showing)
Fri. January 29th– 7pm (St. Charles Movie Cast- Chinese, Candy Cane, Battle, Spanish Red Carpet)
Sat. January 30th– 2pm (St. Charles Movie Cast- Mice, Mother Ginger, Angels, Cousins Red Carpet)
Sat. January 30th– 7pm (St. Charles Movie Cast)
Please remember that you are not required to attend your Red Carpet Appearance. It is just a fun idea that we thought of to make our kids feel special! We encourage our dancers to dress up for their special Movie Star Red Carpet!
Dance Families are welcome to attend any movie showing, (not just their Red Carpet Showing.)  Our Company and Jack in the Box dancers are in all Movie Showings for both the Genoa and St. Charles Showings.
Families are welcome to attend multiple movie showings. There is a limit of only 6 family members sitting together so this means a family of 10 could sit 6 people together and 4 people together for example.
Thank you for your patience during all of this.
I am so happy I thought to ask the camera crew to film behind the scenes and dancer interviews before I realized
how I would be using it.   It has been a group effort with dance families and staff!  It will be something we will all be proud of!
I am so excited to share this very unique experience and special Movie with all of you, starring our very own Movie Stars!
If you have any questions please reach out to us!
Tickets are as follows-
Adults- $25
Child age 12 & Under $20
Friday matinees
Adults- $20
Child 12 & Under $15


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