Nutcracker Movie and Wizard of Oz and More DVD and USB’s On Sale Now

ANNOUNCEMENT!!  “Nutcracker Movie” & “Wizard of Oz Movie & More” available on DVD!!!A Keepsake to Cherish for a Lifetime!!  Need a minimum order of 100 per movie. Due Date- Nov. 20th 2021

We are excited to announce that this Christmas Season you will be able to share our 2020 “Nutcracker Movie” & “Wizard of Oz Movie & More” with your families over the holidays!!During last Season’s Pandemic we thought outside the box and produced 2 Full length Feature Films. We gave our dancers the Movie Star treatment with Red Carpet Interviews at their premiere, on the Big Movie Screen!

Our hired Movie Producer, Dan Kapper, can reproduce these BUT we need to meet our minimum order of 100 orders of each film!

It isn’t every day that we convert our Stage Productions into a movie starring our very own dancers, and now it’s yours as a keepsake to cherish forever! Our dancers got to experience added dialogue, green screen effects and what it’s like to convert from the live stage to a movie set! As everyone knows, we do not normally sell DVD’s of our annual Nutcracker, but with this being a once in a lifetime experience, we are making an exception!

2 Movies in 1 included-

1. “The Nutcracker Movie” Feature Film AND “The Making of The Nutcracker Movie, Behind the Scenes”

2.  “The Wizard of Oz Movie & More” AND “The Making of The Wizard of Oz Movie & More, Behind the Scenes”

We are also happy to have available for purchase our Posters in 3 sizes for Both Movies just follow the link below to

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