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We are bringing back our popular Summer Schedule, that is flexible and easy to work into your Summer Activities!!

Auditions for Competition, Dance Company and Pointe Preparation are held over the summer, after 4 weeks of class preparation!

Summer enrollment is mandatory for these auditions and for pointe preparation.

Below are all the Programs listed individually with dates.  Advanced and Intermediate Camps have 72 hours available for the low 32 hour price.  Take as many or as few hours as you wish.

Genoa Location- Monday July 10th thru Friday, August 4th (4 weeks)  Click Here To View Schedules

St Charles Location– Monday, July 17th thru Friday, August 11th (4 weeks) Click Here To View Schedules

Make-Up Options-

**Since the Genoa Location starts one week earlier and the St. Charles location starts one week later, that extra week in the opposite location, can be used as a make-up week.

**Since the Advanced and Intermediate Schedules offer 6 hours on Tuesday (instead of 3 hours), these are free bonus classes that dancers can take for free, or use as make-up classes.


 “West Side Story” June 9th , 10th, 11th 2023  

Egyptian Theatre

 Beth Fowler School of Dance

On Friday March 24th at the Genoa Studio we are holding a special trial day for all boys ages 4 and up in both the Genoa and St. Charles areas. Any boys interested in possibly performing in our production of “West Side Story” can do so for free!

This Trial Day will be an opportunity for boys to watch a video of what they will be doing, and to learn some of the choreography. The boys can let us know at the end of the evening if they would be interested. We always have many boys interested in performing these “boy friendly” productions.  They will also be taught and trained to stretch as well as learn choreography. In the past high school coaches have noticed a great improvement in these boys after they started this program with us. This program is FREE! Rehearsals are required once per week. Many of the scenes are clever choreographed fight scenes through dance to the dramatic West Side Story music from the motion picture starring Natalie Wood. The story opens with a flashback to when the boys and girls were younger. This opens the opportunity for boys (and girls) of all ages. Please sign up HERE if you are interested in coming to the trial day.

For more information or to Call to get signed up

Genoa Location (815)784-5658 303 W. Main St. Genoa

St. Charles Location (630)945-3344 3720 Illinois Ave

St Charles Location – Sunday March 5th

1. Boys age 4 thru 8………………………………………………….6-7pm Upstairs

 2. Boys age 9 thru 13……………………………………………..6-7pm Downstairs

3. Boys age 14 and up……………………………………………….7-8:30pm  Downstairs

Genoa Location- Friday, March 24th 2023 Schedule

1. Boys age 4 thru 8………………………………………………….5:00-6pm Downstairs

 2. Boys age 9 thru 13……………………………………………..5-6pm Upstairs

3. Boys age 14 and up……………………………………………….6-7:30pm Upstairs

Beth Fowler School of Dance “Boy Friendly” Productions “West Side Story” June 2023

 “Fame” June 2024, Grease June 2027

Beth Fowler Dance Company Presents ‘A Storybook Ballet’

Register Now to Dance with us onstage at the Historic Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb this Spring.

“A Story Book Ballet” will be performed at the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb Il on

Friday March 17, 2023 @7Pm

Saturday March 18, 2023 @ 2 and 7pm

Sunday March 19, 2023 @ 2pm

The Beth Fowler Dance Company presents this original ballet. Young Marie is too excited to sleep so her mother reads her a bedtime storybook. After her mother tucks her into bed and leaves, little Tinkerbell Fairies fly in as Marie’s bedroom transforms into Snow White’s Forest! Her storybook comes to life as it magically grow 10 feet tall!

The storybook characters emerge from the pages telling the stories of Snow White, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty & the Beast. The elaborate scenery sets will take the audience on a journey through many enchanted places leaving Marie to wonder if it is all just a dream!

Tickets on Sale NOW for all shows!  Click Here for TICKETS



Tickets on Sale now!! BFDC Proudly Presents “Grease and More”

BFDC Proudly Presents “Grease and More”

The Beth Fowler Dance Company is excited to take the stage with their presentation of “Grease and More”. The Dance Company Members joined by all the class dancers are so excited to share this upbeat

50’s classic. Also presented in this show are dances from the many genres offered at the studio and the Beth Fowler Competition team will be showcasing this years competition dances.

Tickets are on sale now for Pre show package purchase and will be available to the public starting on Wednesday April 27 Purchase yours before they sell out or click here to be redirected.

The Beth Fowler Dance Company looks forward to performing for you.

Coming this July… The Wizard of Oz

Watch our Movie Trailer

Coming this July- The Nutcracker Movie

Wizard of Oz Movie & More” Hits the Big Screen! Plus “Christmas in July” Celebration Brings “The Nutcracker Movie” Back to the Big Screen!

“Wizard of Oz Movie & More” Tickets Available Here!

“Wizard of Oz Movie” Opportunity at Beth Fowler Dance!

New Dance Session Starts March 1st!

Monday, March 1st a new Dance Session of Classes starts at the Beth Fowler School of Dance (BFSD) at both its Genoa and St. Charles Locations.  Classes starting March 1st are open to new students from the ages of 3 and up.  All styles of dance are offered as well as an opportunity to be in a Movie!  Beth Fowler will be working with Movie Producer, Dan Kapper for the 2nd time as plans are set to film “The Wizard of Oz Movie & More!”  New classes start March 1st which will give the dancers 3 months to prepare before filming June 1st through June 6th.  “The Wizard of Oz Movie & More” will have several movie showings on the Egyptian Movie Theatre’s big screen throughout the month of July 2021.  Students are also welcomed to just attend dance classes in-person and/or online.  Movie participation is optional.

Fowler and Kapper collaborated last Fall to convert Fowler’s 27th annual Production of The Nutcracker into “The Nutcracker Movie” which was filmed in early November of 2020.  After movie editing completion, it hit the Egyptian Movie Theatre’s big screen last month.  Dancers received Movie Star treatment with Red Carpet Interviews for all ages (3 and up).  The Beth Fowler Dance Company arrived at their 1st Movie Premiere in a stretch limousine after a joy ride through town, and before stepping onto the Red Carpet at the Theatre to be interviewed.  All Red-Carpet Appearances in the front lobby were lived streamed on the big movie screen that audience members could enjoy from their seats.

It was filmed and shown safely under the Health Department guidelines as The Egyptian Theatre and Beth Fowler worked closely with the Health Department throughout the entire process.  This included filming in small groups over an 8-day period among other safety regulations.  Movie Showings were at less than an 8% capacity rate with staggered entrance and exit schedules in and out of the Theatre.  The Egyptian Movie Theatre and Beth Fowler continue to exceed Health Department guidelines which led this exciting and unique experience to a Zero Covid-19 Case Rate.  After succeeding with a safe and enjoyable Nutcracker Movie, it was decided that BFSD would make a “Wizard of Oz Movie!”

On March 12th, 2020, the Beth Fowler School of Dance had just finished their final dress rehearsal of “The Wizard of Oz” and their flying lessons with Vertigo, a hired rigging company to provide flying effects for the production.  The show was ready for a live audience but just hours before opening night, the show had to be canceled as the start of the COVID-19 pandemic began.  This was devastating for the entire cast as this production was postponed much longer than ever anticipated.  Fowler vowed to come up with a plan, no matter what it took, to guarantee that these dancers would never have the rug pulled out from underneath them ever again.  Hiring a Movie Producer was the answer to see that these young dancers and artists would safely have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that would turn a challenge into a blessing.  We know that this pandemic has been difficult on our young people and we are hoping to bring excitement to as many children as possible as we light their fires again.  We are inviting children ages 3 and over to be apart of this exciting opportunity as we present, “The Wizard of Oz Movie” Take 2!

For more information and registration for the March 1st, 2021 new dance session.  Visit the “Contact Us” page at their website  Or call the Genoa Office (815) 784-5658, or the St. Charles Office at (630) 945-3344.

For Tickets to see the “Wizard of Oz Movie & More” or “The Nutcracker Movie” which is also being brought back for our “Christmas in July Celebration.” Visit


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Beth Fowler School of Dance Families have been in quarantine but their  camaraderie remains strong as they come together, even while apart, in a special “Pass the Mic” song and dance video to “We Are Family!”
We had tons of fun putting this video together and hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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