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The Nutcracker Prince along with his army of Toy Soldier battles the Rat King and his army. Young Clara is the center of this nightmare but saves the Nutcracker Prince in the end.


Nutcracker Postponed Until January!!!

With the new mitigations, theatres are unable to open and we believe there would be more family members able to attend in January once vaccines are available and after all the holidays.  We will celebrate the 12 days of Christmas (which goes into January) as we count down the days to our Nutcracker Movie Showings!  We are so grateful that we got everything on film early!  The current editing process is looking amazing!  We are so excited to share it with you, and came up with an exciting idea!!!
We understand how excited everyone is to see this Movie and how much you have missed seeing the process through rehearsals since we couldn’t have parent helpers. We will help satisfy your craving with a BONUS Nutcracker Movie- “The Making of The Nutcracker Movie!” This will be available to all ticket holders to watch Virtually over the holidays with your families!  This Bonus “Behind the Scenes” film will not only have behind the scenes footage, interviews with the dancers, special on-location shootings at the Ellwood House, Green Screen Studio, and the Egyptian Theatre, but it will also have Sneak Peek clips from the actual Nutcracker Movie!  Even though this Bonus “Nutcracker Movie- Behind the Scenes” is an added expense for BFSD, it will be FREE for all ticket holders that have tickets by Dec. 22nd.  I hope everyone will accept this as a token of my appreciation for everyone’s patience!  It will be sent out by email on Dec. 23rd.  Merry Christmas!
You will be receiving an email from the Egyptian Theatre in the next few days explaining that you don’t need to do anything, because your tickets are automatically updated to the new dates in January.  Instead of showing the Nutcracker Movie the 1st two weekends in December, we will be showing the Nutcracker Movie the last two weekends in January.  The health department agreed with us that this would be a great time to reschedule and they were very optimistic!  We have been in close communication with the health department and they have been very supportive and complimentary to us for the way we have thought outside the box to help keep our dancers safe while helping with their mental health.
We will keep the schedule the same with the Red Carpet Appearances.  Weekend #1 is still the Genoa Cast and Weekend #2 is still the St. Charles Cast with the exception that we are moving our Genoa Cast Friday 2pm showing to the 2nd weekend on Friday at 2pm. The Egyptian Theatre will also be emailing all ticket holders the Bonus Nutcracker Movie- “The Making of the Nutcracker Movie” on Dec. 23rd.
Below is a summary of the dates-
Tues. December 22nd
Deadline to purchase tickets if wanting to see the Free Bonus Nutcracker Movie Virtually, “The Making of The Nutcracker Movie.”
Wed. December 23rd-
The Virtual “The Making of The Nutcracker Movie” will be emailed to all ticket holders from the Egyptian Theatre.
“The Nutcracker Movie” Egyptian Theatre Showings-
Thurs. January 21st- 7pm (Genoa Movie Cast- Company Leads Red Carpet)
Fri. January 22nd– 7pm (Genoa Movie Cast- Chinese, Candy Cane, Battle, Spanish Red Carpet)
Sat. January 23rd– 2pm (All Cast Jack in the Box Red Carpet- Genoa Cast everything else)
Sat. January 23rd– 7pm (Genoa Movie Cast- Mice, Mother Ginger, Angels, Cousins Red Carpet)
Thrus. January 28th– 7pm (St. Charles Movie Cast- Company Red Carpet)
Fri. January 29th– 2pm (Genoa Movie Cast- Special “At Risk” showing)
Fri. January 29th– 7pm (St. Charles Movie Cast- Chinese, Candy Cane, Battle, Spanish Red Carpet)
Sat. January 30th– 2pm (St. Charles Movie Cast- Mice, Mother Ginger, Angels, Cousins Red Carpet)
Sat. January 30th– 7pm (St. Charles Movie Cast)
Please remember that you are not required to attend your Red Carpet Appearance. It is just a fun idea that we thought of to make our kids feel special! We encourage our dancers to dress up for their special Movie Star Red Carpet!
Dance Families are welcome to attend any movie showing, (not just their Red Carpet Showing.)  Our Company and Jack in the Box dancers are in all Movie Showings for both the Genoa and St. Charles Showings.
Families are welcome to attend multiple movie showings. There is a limit of only 6 family members sitting together so this means a family of 10 could sit 6 people together and 4 people together for example.
Thank you for your patience during all of this.
I am so happy I thought to ask the camera crew to film behind the scenes and dancer interviews before I realized
how I would be using it.   It has been a group effort with dance families and staff!  It will be something we will all be proud of!
I am so excited to share this very unique experience and special Movie with all of you, starring our very own Movie Stars!
If you have any questions please reach out to us!
Tickets are as follows-
Adults- $25
Child age 12 & Under $20
Friday matinees
Adults- $20
Child 12 & Under $15


Purchase Your TIckets Here

The Beth Fowler Dance Company Presents “The Nutcracker Movie”

Beth Fowler Dance Supporters
The Beth Fowler Dance Company has been presenting the holiday classic, “The Nutcracker” at Dekalb’s Egyptian Theatre for 27 years and at the St. Charles North High School for 8 years.
Obviously this 2020 Nutcracker Holiday Season is a challenge since the Live Theatres are not open.
I am very excited to announce that because of our commitment to this community and our talented youth, we are thinking outside the box to guarantee that the community and our dancers have a safe Nutcracker event!
We are converting our 27th Annual Nutcracker into a “Nutcracker Movie” with an extended storyline, dialogue and green-screen effects that will give both our dancers and our community a unique experience!
The Egyptian Movie Theatre is working very closely with the Health Department to hold a safe and enjoyable event complete with Red Carpet Appearances for our local Movie Stars!
With the additional expenses related to the Movie Producers, Camera Crew and Theatre Rental, we have many Sponsorship and Fund Raising options and would greatly appreciate your support!
Below you will see many different levels of advertising on the big screen before the Nutcracker Movie starts.  We have a built-in audience of all our dance families as well as a large following from the community.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you for your consideration.
Beth Fowler
Beth Fowler Dance Company
Celebrating 37 Successful Years! Since 1983 “Contact Us Page”
COVID has created many hurdles for us as we try to bring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to our dance families and present a holiday favorite for our community and WE NEED YOUR HELP!!
Benefits of Sponsoring our Nutcracker Movie for Businesses- Advertising on the Movie Screen
•This is our 27th Annual Nutcracker Season and thousands of families in our community have made this apart of their holiday   tradition and attend every year!
•Our built-in audience of dance families and community supports will be seated every 15 minutes (a COVID Procedure) which
  has them sitting in front of the movie screen for up to an hour before the Movie starts!
•We will be the only Nutcracker available for people to see because all the other Nutcracker Performances have been canceled!
•The community will be looking for fun things to do to celebrate the holidays!  Our event will be one of the few options.
•We will be celebrating our local Movie stars with Special Red Carpet Appearances!
•The Egyptian Theatre is working closely with the Health Department to organize a safe and enjoyable Nutcracker Movie!
•Families can sit together but all audience members will be spread out throughout the theatre with only 50 people in the balcony     and 50 people on the main floor.
•Below is many different levels of sponsorships.

All Sponsorship Programs – Thank You!  

$100 – Good Luck Wish to our Child/Dancer-Photo and message on the movie screen before movie starts

$250 – “sponsored by” title in credits after movie

$300 – 10-15 second Video Christmas Card from a sponsor family or business on the movie screen before movie starts.  See Sample here. NOz-0

$500 – 5-10 second animated logo reveal video on the movie screen before movie starts, and sponsor owns rights to video file afterward for future advertising use (sponsor must provide logo)

$750 – The venue will play a 15 second ad on the movie screen before movie starts (video ad provided by the sponsor)

$1,000 – The venue will play a 30 second ad on the movie screen before movie starts (video ad provided by the sponsor)

$1,500 – The venue will play a 60 second ad on the movie screen before movie starts (video ad provided by the sponsor)
**Any Donation is greatly appreciated and possible through our new Go-Fund-Me on our Beth Fowler School of Dance Facebook Page!  Watch for it as it features a special video of some of our Company dancers!
By October 15th, 2020  Please commit by notifying us, (not by payment) to a level of sponsorship my email to let us know what level you are interested in.  Please email Beth Fowler-
By October 26th, 2020  Please commit by payment.  Filming starts on November 1st, 2020.  Please send sponsorship to Beth Fowler Dance Company 303 W. Main St. Genoa, IL 60135


** Also a Popcorn Fundraiser Option-  Simple online store that customers can visit to order, pay and have the products sent directly to their home.
This is available on the Beth Fowler School of Dance Facebook Page.
Thank you so much and please don’t hesitate to reach me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Beth Fowler

Fall Registration NOW OPEN!!

Registration is now open for the 2020-2021 Season!

We are adding classes to assure small safe classes for everyone.


Both Masked classes and un masked classes in personal 10 ft apart socially distanced dance squares are being offered.

In addition to personal dance squares we have implemented many safety procedures which include hand sanitizer throughout the studios, enhanced cleaning throughout temperatures taken at entrance & per student individual acro mats have just been purchased to assure we can offer the safest environment possible to our dancers.


 Zoom classes are available for all levels as well.


Due to the strict limited capacity spaces are very limited enroll by August 15th to assure your dancers spot.


 Enrollment starts today Monday August 10th!!!!

We have limited spots available for each class, so don’t wait too long to reserve a spot for your child.

Every year we publish a sheet with the complete dance programs outlined for each level.  This lists all classes available for the students at each level.  Please be sure to check the Program Listing to assure your dancer is taking advantage of all the classes offered to them in their program level.  This is also a great reference for students moving up to a new level as new classes are available as the dancers progress.

Registration Note:  We have some classes that are combined levels when you are looking for them on the computer be sure to look under the combined class tabs.  (ex:  students in the Adv I,II or III level take a ballet class on Tuesday which includes students in the Int III level this class is listed under the link of Intermediate/Intermediate and Adv Combo classes.)


Click here to view our class listings and availability.



Join Our Online Classes thru Zoom!

Beth Fowler School of Dance Families have been in quarantine but their  camaraderie remains strong as they come together, even while apart, in a special “Pass the Mic” song and dance video to “We Are Family!”
We had tons of fun putting this video together and hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Join our online classes through Zoom, and receive free bonus Master Classes for kids and adults!

To register: Contact us at
or call the Genoa office at (815)784-5658,
or our St. Charles office at (630) 945-3344!

Wizard of Oz/Swan Lake Rescheduled

We are beyond thrilled to announce a new chance for you to journey somewhere over the rainbow and down the Yellow Brick Road with us to the merry old land of Oz!

On May 29-31, the Beth Fowler Dance Company and BFSD dancers will present our postponed performances of our double feature of The Wizard of Oz and Swan Lake!

The performances will again grace the stage of the Egyptian Theatre, and will include all of our high-flying effects and dazzling choreography.

All tickets purchased for the original show dates will be honored for the new performances.

Mark your calendars to join us May 29-31 for The Wizard of Oz and Swan Lake!

Swan Lake & Wizard of Oz Tickets On Sale Now!

Beth Fowler Dance Company – The Wizard of Oz and Swan Lake

This March, the stage will leap from black and white into brilliant shades of emerald green and ruby red, as the Beth Fowler Dance Company and School of Dance takes you ove

r the rainbow, for a special double feature of “The Wizard of Oz” and “Swan Lake.”

Beth Fowler Dance Company - Wizard of Oz & Swan Lake

Dancers from Beth Fowler’s studios in Genoa and St. Charles will dazzle audiences during four high-flying performances at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St., DeKalb, on Friday, March 13, at 7 p.m.; Saturday, March 14, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.; and Sunday, March 15, at 2 p.m.

The presentation of “The Wizard of Oz” will include flying characters, including the Wicked Witch of the
West and Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, and more, who will be lofted above the stage with the aid of theatrical effects company Vertigo.
Each child’s ticket includes a Meet and Greet with photo opportunities for your munchkins backstage
with Dorothy and friends following the show.

Lydia Jacobson, of DeKalb, will dance the role of Dorothy. Jacobson, a senior at DeKalb High School, said she feels a connection to the character of Dorothy Gale, that only begins with their heartland roots in a community surrounded by corn. Jacobson, who has danced with the Beth Fowler studio since 2012, said she knew immediately this year that Dorothy was a role she wanted to dance. “It just felt right,” she said.

When asked to select her favorite vacation destination, for instance, Jacobson chose Iowa. “Because I get to see my family,” she said. Jacobson said she and Dorothy are both “helpful and hopeful.” “I know if someone had asked to join me on a road to making their dreams come true, I would definitely help them along,” Jacobson said.

The beloved classic, The Wizard of Oz, has been staged and choreographed by artistic director Beth Fowler, featuring music from the classic 1939 film adaptation of the novel by author L. Frank Baum. Stage effects company Vertigo will allow dancers and crew to feature the flying witches, monkeys and vultures, along with Glinda’s floating bubble and other surprises Dorothy and her friends will encounteron their trip down the Yellow Brick Road to find the wonderful Wizard, send Dorothy home to Kansas and make all their dreams come true.

The role of Glinda will be alternately portrayed by dancers Emily Fox, of West Chicago, and Brooke Bend, of St. Charles.

Dancers Olivia Brown, of West Chicago, and Abby Lewis, of St. Charles, will play The Wicked Witch.
Other featured roles include:
Scarecrow – Tallory Wendell, of Belvidere, and Brooke Baurer, of Geneva
Tin Man – Kamryn King, of St. Charles, and Emily Belzey, of South Elgin

Cowardly Lion – Hannah Fugiel, of Elgin, and Mia Herman, of St. Charles Other flying characters will include a flying monkey and flying vultures. A large cast of other local dancers from the Beth Fowler Dance Company and School will complete the ensemble, dancing the roles of munchkins, creatures of the forest, citizens of Emerald City and other beloved characters from the Merry Old Land of Oz.

The double feature will open with excerpts of Swan Lake, the classical ballet performed to the mesmerizing music of composer Tchaikovsky. Featured Beth Fowler Dance Company dancers Becky Baert, of Genoa, and Anne Fritsch, of St. Charles, will take on the iconic roles of the Black Swan and White Swan, respectively.

Tickets for Swan Lake and Wizard of Oz are now available at or by calling the Egyptian Theatre box office at 815-758-1225.

Purchase tickets online now at the links below!

Wizard of Oz & Swan Lake – 3/13/20 – 7:00pm

7:00 PM

Egyptian Theatre DeKalb, IL  Buy Tickets

Wizard of Oz & Swan Lake – 3/14/20 – 2:00pm
2:00 PM

Egyptian Theatre DeKalb, IL   Buy Tickets

Wizard of Oz & Swan Lake – 3/14/20 – 7:00pm
7:00 PM

Egyptian Theatre DeKalb, IL   Buy Tickets

Wizard of Oz & Swan Lake – 3/15/20 – 2:00pm
2:00 PM

Egyptian Theatre DeKalb, IL   Buy Tickets

Wizard of Oz/Swan Lake Cast 2020

The 2020 Competition Team!

Come Join Us!
2019-2020 Competition Team Photo
(L-R) Sitting: Gabriella Catozza, Brooke Hall, Olivia Goldie, Sydney Goldie, Grace Funke, Catherine Navarrete, Emelia Bellino, Cora Mascheri, Samantha Jahnke, Veronica Young, Maylin Wang, Reegan DeBarba, Evelyn Marello, Delaney Maloney, Elianna Oleksyn (Kneeling) Abbie Andrews, Ellen Schillinger, Brianna Rust, Alexis Green, Mekdes Lenth, Iris Windsor, Addie Gatza, Tyler Benton, Elizabeth McCollough, Mikenna Gill, Kaitlyn Doyle, Harper Lundeen, Violet Baird, Madelyn Gieseke, Addison Funke (1st Standing) Emily Belzey, Lydia Jacobson, Clara Owen, Michelle Wang, Isabella Marello (holding B) Kamryn King, Brady McCue, Brooke Bend, Olivia Rymarczyk, Emily Fox, Brooke Baurer, Hannah Fugiel, Mia Herman (2nd Standing) Sonali Jain, Brooke Bennett, Madeline Lemp, Olivia Brown, Alexa Johnson, Tallory Wendell, Jacob Bliujus, Samantha Koldenhoven, Mackenzie Goldie, Abigail Lewis, Barbara Johnson, Malena Thryselius ( Not Pictured: Becky Baert, Clara Coran, Anne Fritsch)

The 2020 Beth Fowler Dance Company

2019-2020 BFSD Company Photo
(L-R, On Floor) Abbie Andrews, Hannah Fugiel, Clara Owen (Seated) Addison Funke, Olivia Rymarczyk, Noelle Sharp, Lorraine Robinson, Kamryn King, Olivia Brown, Brooke Bend, Brady McCue, Maggie Shepley, Brooke Baurer, Lydia Jacobson, Emily Fox, Isabella Marello, Michelle Wang, Ella Drage (Standing) Emily Belzey, Madeline Lemp, Sonali Jain, Mia Herman, Malena Thryselius, Alexa Johnson, Tallory Wendell, Kaitlyn Rollo, Jacob Bliujus, Tiffany McKinley, Becky Baert, Mackenzie Goldie, Clara Coran, Gabriella Norman, Brooke Bennett, Samantha Koldenhoven, Abigail Lewis  (Not Pictured Anne Fritsch)

Now Accepting New Dancers!


Contact us if you are interested in auditioning for our Ballet Company or if you are interested in learning more about our Ballet Company and all it has to offer including the 3 annual dance productions with provided costumes!