Fairytales come to life at the Egyptian

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From The Northern Star
Haley Galvin | Entertainment Writer Mar 22, 2018

Becky Baert poses as Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” as she danced her story at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St

The Beth Fowler Dance Company, 3720 Illinois Ave. St. Charles, presented a magical performance of “A Storybook Ballet” at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St., Sunday night, performed with grace and beauty from each of the dancers.

The performance included elegant dancing to weave together the adapted stories of “Snow White,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin” and “Beauty and the Beast.” The larger story was depicted entirely through ballet dances pieced together to tell the miniature fairytales as the dreamland a young girl finds herself in.

Each of the characters fit their roles perfectly such as faculty company dancer Lydia Carpenter who played The Evil Queen from “Snow White.” Carpenter enhanced her role with devilish facial expressions and sharp delivery of her lines.

“The ballet was a magical piece and created a true once upon a time experience.”

Haley Galvin
Entertainment Writer

The entire company used clean techniques in each aspect of their dancing such as the pad de deux, a duet of two dancers which often includes pirouettes, or turns on one leg with the other raised to the knee.

The dance also included stellar fouettes which are turns involving a quick whipping motion of one leg to pull the dancer into a pirouette. These are just a few examples of the marvelously executed skills which elevated the level of the performance, making it more captivating and believable.

Even the small children who played the forest animals in “Snow White” and “Beauty and the Beast” had remarkable talent in the execution of their jumps and turns, as well as uniformity among each small group of dancers.

Out of all the stories, “The Little Mermaid” stood out above the rest because of the flow of the story and the chemistry of the dancers. Since the story was a shortened version, parts from the original were left out such as Ariel’s time on land with Eric and Ursula stealing her voice. Despite this, the story was still as beautiful and timeless as the original version.

The chemistry between Ariel, played by company dancer Becky Baert, and Prince Eric, played by dancer Wade Tischhauser, was evident on stage and showed in their dancing. They fed off one another’s passion and danced together effortlessly, the connection between the two made their dancing entrancing to watch.

Choreographers Beth Fowler, Sam Gaul, Miranda Cordes and Hannah Bohn created an intricate piece, displaying their skill at their craft which was highlighted through the dancers’ portrayal of the work. They put together remarkable dances ranging from intimate partner work to large stage numbers. Each piece flowed together with ease, and the dancers’ execution made the stories come to life.

The Beth Fowler Dance Company brought the storybooks to the stage with excellent ballet dancers and choreographers, making the audience feel like a kid again. The ballet was a magical piece and created a true once upon a time experience.

Spring Break Revised Schedule

Week of Spring Break Revised Schedule (March 26th – April 1st)

Genoa Studio

  • Monday please follow this schedule
    Jazz 4:30-5:30 (Everyone)
    Ballet 5:30-7:30 (Everyone)  Int I/II will have a break at 7 for dinner
    Lyrical 7:30-8 (Everyone)
    Turns & Leaps 8:00-9:30 (Everyone)
  • Tues, Wed, Thursday and Saturday Regular classes
  • Friday night classes are all cancelled.

St Charles Studio

  • Mon, Tues, Thursday classes as normally scheduled
  • Wed classes are cancelled and students should attend class on Thursday instead
  • Friday all classes are cancelled students in Beg class are encouraged to try Hip Hop or Tap on Tuesday or
  • Turns and Leaps on Wed. with Ballet.
  • Creative Dancers attend acro  if you do not already or Creative II/III Kindergarten and up try tap or Hip Hop on Tuesday.


Now Accepting New Dancers!


Contact us if you are interested in auditioning for our Ballet Company or if you are interested in learning more about our Ballet Company and all it has to offer including the 3 annual dance productions with provided costumes!

Time to Order Spirit Wear!

 Our long awaited Beth Fowler School of Dance Spirit Wear Order Form is attached on this email and will be on our website also by late tonight!  Check out our fun new items and designs!
The deadline is quickly approaching this year since GTM is extremely busy!  Just the Ultra Fuse items that you want in time for Christmas must be ordered and paid for by this Friday, November 17th by closing time!  The St. Charles office closes at 8pm and the Genoa location office closes at 9pm.  All other items will be in by Christmas if you get your orders in with payment by Wednesday, November 22nd at closing time (which is the day before Thanksgiving, next week.) Next Wednesday closing in both locations is 9pm.  You can order the Ultra Fuse items next Wednesday Nov. 22nd with the other items if you like, but the Ultra Fuse items won’t be in until the 1st or 2nd week of January.  This is why it is important to order the Ultra Fuse items by this Friday if you want them by Christmas!
     We are excited to announce that we have updated our warm-up suits!  They are a very nice form-fitting design.  Since this new style warm-up does not come in Male sizes, we still have our original warm-up on the flyer for our gentleman dancers!  We thought this year would be a good year to update our warm-up suits since we have many new dancers, and the dancers that are out growing their old ones can re-order the new design.
     Please remember that the items do not include sales tax.  We are using the 6.25% sales tax rate (which is the lower sales tax rate for the Genoa area.)  Please add the 6.25% sales tax to your order.  We also prefer that you pay by check or cash if possible.



Beth Fowler Spirit wear 2017-2018

Beth Fowler School of Dance Takes 1st Place in the National Dance Championship Again!

nationals16vThe Beth Fowler School of Dance Performing Group of Genoa and St. Charles recently competed in the Legacy National Dance Competition and are proud to announce winning the National Championship! The event was held from June 20th thru June 24th, 2016 in the Wisconsin Dells and was a National Competition with over 762 routines.

Beth Fowler’s dancers competed in three different age groups and took 1 st Place in all of them.

Juniors- 1 st Place with “Wind It Up” (Large Group) Choreographed by Brooke Fowler

Teens- 1 st Place with “Heroes” (Small Group) Choreographed by Brooke Fowler

Seniors- 1 st Place with “Come Home” (Trio) Choreographed by Hannah Bohn

At the end of the week, all three Beth Fowler School of Dance (BFSD) age groups were asked to compete in the National Showdown which is the “Best of the Best Final Competition.” The Juniors (ages 11-12) took 1 st Place in the Showdown with Jazz Dance “Wind It Up” choreographed by Brooke Fowler. This made “Wind It Up” undefeatable all season! This is the 2 nd year in a row for the BFSD Junior Team to be undefeated all season long! The Teens (ages 13-15) also took 1 st Place in the Showdown with Lyrical dance “Heroes” choreographed by Brooke Fowler.

All BFSD Group Dances that competed received the highest Platinum Awards!


Beth Fowler School of Dance – June Dance Showcase

britney1Beth Fowler School of Dance presented their June Showcase this June 5-7, 2015. The June Showcase is a fast paced, fun-filled summer dance show with a variety of high energy dancing! The Show featured all school dancers in various styles Jazz, Lyrical, Tap and Contemporary, along with their award winning dances from the 2015 competition season and this year’s Dance pieces from the Beth Fowler Dance Company. Also featured was all Beth Fowler School of Dance students age 3 and up performing a wide range of entertaining dances to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Visit the Beth Fowler School of Dance website to learn more.

St Charles Studio Expansion and moves to new Permanent State of the Art Facility

The wait is over Beth Fowler School of Dance opens in its new location at 3720 Illinois Ave, St. Charles for classes today Friday April 10th.  A new chapter begins! 

new studioWe are very excited to announce that because of our rapid growth in St. Charles, we feel it is time to embed our roots in the St. Charles community permanently with the purchase of a new State of the Art facility!
This new building is located at 3720 Illinois Avenue in St. Charles and is large enough to support the rapid growth we have had in the St. Charles area. The new studio is just blocks away from our current Main street location. Simply turn South onto Kirk Road off of Main Street and take your first left onto Illinois Avenue. Turn left into the driveway at the “St. Charles Commons” and we are in Unit F.


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