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The Beth Fowler Dance Company proudly presents “Paquita, Wizard of Oz and More Movie”

Beth Fowler Dance Families
We are excited to start preparing for our next Movie Premiere, “The Wizard of Oz Movie & More!”
We have hired Movie Producer Dan Kapper back again to provide another magical experience for our dancers!
Dan did a phenomenal job with our, “The Nutcracker Movie!”  It is getting raving reviews!!
If you know any friends that would like to join us for this unique experience, we are welcoming all new comers for this opportunity that are registered by March 1st, when our new session starts.
All Ballet & Creative Dance classes will have parts in “The Wizard of Oz Movie.”
Our Dance Company members will also be performing in the Spanish Ballet, “Paquita.”
All students in all other styles of dance will also be performing those styles, since this film is combining our traditional March Ballet with our traditional June Show.
This Movie will have an intermission, (different than the Nutcracker.)
Summary of Dates- Mark your Calendars! 
Filming Dates- Sat. May 8th, 2021 (Paquita/Competition Groups) & June 1st thru 6th, 2021 (Wizard/ & More Class Dances)
In-Studio Dress Rehearsals- (For Wizard of Oz / & More Dances) Mon. May 24th thru Sun. May 30th
Big Screen Showings (Oz & Nutcracker Movies)- Fri. July 9th thru Sun. July 11th & Fri. July 30th thru Sun. Aug. 1st
“Wizard of Oz, Paquita & More” Movie
3 Shows in 1!
1.) “Paquita” Ballet Company-
2.) “& More” Portion of Show-
      Competition Group Dances
      Class Dances (Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary)
3.)”Wizard of Oz” (all Creative Dance & Ballet Classes)
“Wizard of Oz Movie & More” Hits the Big Screen!
Plus “Christmas in July” Celebration Brings “The Nutcracker Movie” Back to the Big Screen!
Weekend #1 Showings-
Fri. July 9, at 7PM – “Wizard of Oz & More” Showing (Genoa)
Sat. July 10, at 1PM – “Wizard of Oz & More” Showing (Genoa)
Sat. July 10, at 7PM – “Wizard of Oz & More” Showing (St. Charles)
Sun. July 11, at 1PM – “Wizard of Oz & More” Showing (St. Charles)
Sun. July 11, at 7PM – “Nutcracker Movie”  Showing (St. Charles)
Weekend #2 Showings-
Fri. July 30, at 7PM – “Wizard of Oz & More” Showing (Genoa)
Sat. July 31, at 1PM – “Wizard of Oz & More” Showing (Genoa)
Sat. July 31, at 7PM – “Wizard of Oz & More” Showing (St. Charles)
Sun. Aug. 1st, at 1PM – “Wizard of Oz & More” Showing (St. Charles)
Sun. Aug. 1st, at 7PM – “Nutcracker Movie” Showing (Genoa)
**With a wide range of show dates we are confident that everyone can find showings that work with their schedules.
**All tickets that were purchased for the Wizard of Oz in 2020, will be credited to “Wizard of Oz, Paquita & More”  in July 2021!
**If COVID made you nervous to enjoy our “Nutcracker Movie” in January, perhaps July 11th or August 1st is better for you (especially with vaccines available.)
**All showings have limited capacity and are socially distanced exceeding Health Department Guidelines.
**This show will be filmed with the same procedures that the Nutcracker Movie was.  In small groups, temperature checks, hand sanitizer, wearing masks for all rehearsals and dress rehearsals/run throughs.
**The only time the mask can be removed, is for the final take when the cameras are rolling.  This again was approved by the health department.  Our Nutcracker Movie proved this plan safely succeeded!
**Dancers can learn these dances at the end of classes without the requirement to perform.  Please let us know if your dancer will not be performing so they can be put in a spot that doesn’t affect the choreography spacing.
Please mark your calendars!
Let us know if you are unable to participate in Movie before March 1st, but remember dancers are still welcome to take classes.
Let us know if you have any other questions.

Nutcracker: The Movie

Our Nutcracker Movie will be shown on the Big Movie screen at the Egyptian Movie Theatre