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The Beth Fowler Dance Company proudly presents “The Nutcracker Movie”

Beth Fowler Dance Supporters
The Beth Fowler Dance Company has been presenting the holiday classic, “The Nutcracker” at Dekalb’s Egyptian Theatre for 27 years and at the St. Charles North High School for 8 years.
Obviously this 2020 Nutcracker Holiday Season is a challenge since the Live Theatres are not open.
I am very excited to announce that because of our commitment to this community and our talented youth, we are thinking outside the box to guarantee that the community and our dancers have a safe Nutcracker event!
We are converting our 27th Annual Nutcracker into a “Nutcracker Movie” with an extended storyline, dialogue and green-screen effects that will give both our dancers and our community a unique experience!
The Egyptian Movie Theatre is working very closely with the Health Department to hold a safe and enjoyable event complete with Red Carpet Appearances for our local Movie Stars!
With the additional expenses related to the Movie Producers, Camera Crew and Theatre Rental, we have many Sponsorship and Fund Raising options and would greatly appreciate your support!
Below you will see many different levels of advertising on the big screen before the Nutcracker Movie starts.  We have a built-in audience of all our dance families as well as a large following from the community.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you for your consideration.
Beth Fowler
Beth Fowler Dance Company
Celebrating 37 Successful Years! Since 1983 “Contact Us Page”
COVID has created many hurdles for us as we try to bring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to our dance families and present a holiday favorite for our community and WE NEED YOUR HELP!!
Benefits of Sponsoring our Nutcracker Movie for Businesses- Advertising on the Movie Screen
•This is our 27th Annual Nutcracker Season and thousands of families in our community have made this apart of their holiday   tradition and attend every year!
•Our built-in audience of dance families and community supports will be seated every 15 minutes (a COVID Procedure) which
  has them sitting in front of the movie screen for up to an hour before the Movie starts!
•We will be the only Nutcracker available for people to see because all the other Nutcracker Performances have been canceled!
•The community will be looking for fun things to do to celebrate the holidays!  Our event will be one of the few options.
•We will be celebrating our local Movie stars with Special Red Carpet Appearances!
•The Egyptian Theatre is working closely with the Health Department to organize a safe and enjoyable Nutcracker Movie!
•Families can sit together but all audience members will be spread out throughout the theatre with only 50 people in the balcony     and 50 people on the main floor.
•Below is many different levels of sponsorships.

All Sponsorship Programs – Thank You!  

$100 – Good Luck Wish to our Child/Dancer-Photo and message on the movie screen before movie starts

$250 – “sponsored by” title in credits after movie

$300 – 10-15 second Video Christmas Card from a sponsor family or business on the movie screen before movie starts.  See Sample here. NOz-0

$500 – 5-10 second animated logo reveal video on the movie screen before movie starts, and sponsor owns rights to video file afterward for future advertising use (sponsor must provide logo)

$750 – The venue will play a 15 second ad on the movie screen before movie starts (video ad provided by the sponsor)

$1,000 – The venue will play a 30 second ad on the movie screen before movie starts (video ad provided by the sponsor)

$1,500 – The venue will play a 60 second ad on the movie screen before movie starts (video ad provided by the sponsor)
**Any Donation is greatly appreciated and possible through our new Go-Fund-Me on our Beth Fowler School of Dance Facebook Page!  Watch for it as it features a special video of some of our Company dancers!
By October 15th, 2020  Please commit by notifying us, (not by payment) to a level of sponsorship my email to let us know what level you are interested in.  Please email Beth Fowler-
By October 26th, 2020  Please commit by payment.  Filming starts on November 1st, 2020.  Please send sponsorship to Beth Fowler Dance Company 303 W. Main St. Genoa, IL 60135


** Also a Popcorn Fundraiser Option-  Simple online store that customers can visit to order, pay and have the products sent directly to their home.
This is available on the Beth Fowler School of Dance Facebook Page.
Thank you so much and please don’t hesitate to reach me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Beth Fowler