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FALL REGISTRATION- Fall 2019 registrations will start Monday, August 5th on-line by visiting Only registration and payment by August 15th will guarantee placement in classes. The first auto payment will be processed on August 15th for all enrolled. Enrollment after August 15th will be charged on day of enrollment. Class enrollment is limited. Waiting lists will be established for full classes.

A REGISTRATION FEE is due with payment for Session I and at the time of registration for others joining later in the year. The fee is $35.00 per year per student; $70.00 per family. This fee is nonrefundable. SCHOOL SCHEDULE – Our season runs like the school year, August – June (with a Summer DANCE camp). If a dancer wishes to take off a session, then re-register, it causes great office complications, especially in full classes. A dancer who misses a session is at a disadvantage as each session is a progression and their spot in class will not be held. Another registration fee may be charged if this occurs. ON-LINE REGISTRATION/AUTO RENEWAL: Beth Fowler School of Dance is on an automatic enrollment system for the school season. All dancers will remain enrolled in their classes from time of enrollment until withdrawn or transferred from a class. No need to enroll every session any longer. Any dancer wishing to add or drop a class mid- session must contact the office. Parents may enroll their students in extra classes by visiting the on-line enrollment tab and signing into their account at An email confirmation will be sent confirming enrollment. If you wish to add or drop in person visit either studio during regular business hours. FAMILY RATES AVAILABLE: Discounts: Our discounts are set up so that the more hours a family takes the less it is per hour. With this system dancers can benefit from taking a full class in each dance form at an affordable rate. If not taking unlimited classes siblings should combine their hours to receive a great family rate. (Instead of calculating each sibling separately on the chart below). If two students are dancing, it may be more cost effective to add hours together. When figuring your family tuition, we will bill the cheaper of the two rates.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: For Your Convenience we offer two payment options.

Option 1- Payments made in full for 8-week sessions qualify for a discount. Payment is due on the 15th of every other month. Aug, Oct, Dec, Feb, April for Sessions I-V and June 15th for Summer DANCE camp.

Option 2- Monthly payments due on the 15th of every month. August-May for Session I-V and June and July 15th for Summer DANCE camp NOTE: Beth Fowler School of Dance offers the Option 2 payment plan above as a convenience. The minimum commitment is 8 weeks. There is not a half session (4 week) option unless paying hourly rate. A discount is built into the tuition for hours taken. The more hours you take the less per hour you pay therefore dropping at 5 or six weeks may mean you owe additional money due to the fewer hours taken that session. ALL TUITION IS NON-REFUNDABLE Credit will be given for later dance sessions if an injury or prolonged illness prevents completion of a program. PAYMENTS: With our easy and convenient auto-debit system, there is never any concern about forgetting when payments are due or incurring any late fees. Auto debits can be made from your checking account or credit/debit card. This is a free service for our families. All set-up and transaction fees are paid by the school. You are always able to make your payment manually before the 15th but we require a credit card or bank draft authorization form on file for all students which will be used to bring accounts current if not paid by the 15th of the month. The online account access allows you to make payments 24/7 by signing into your account. You are responsible for keeping your credit card/bank account information current.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Debit cards along with bank drafts.


Session I…………………………August 26 – October 19……………. (Payments due Aug.15th and Sept. 15th) Session II………………………..October 21– December 14 ……….… (Payments due Oct. 15th and Nov. 15th) *THE NUTCRACKER (Dance Company – also features School Dancers) – DeKalb, IL December 6th,7th, 8th 2019 *THE NUTCRACKER (Dance Company – also features School Dancers) – St Charles, IL December 15th 2019

Session III……………………….January 6 – February 29…………… (Payments due Dec. 15th and Jan. 15th) *Wizard of Oz/Swan Lake (Dance Company- also features School Dancers) DeKalb, IL March 13,14,15 2020 Session IV………………………..March 2- April 25……………. (Payments due Feb. 15th and Mar.15th)

Session V…   …………………April 27– June 13…………………. (Payments due Apr. 15th and May 15th)

“The Greatest Showman” (School Performance)- Egyptian Theater, DeKalb, June 12th,13th & 14th 2020

Summer DANCE camp………….1 & 2 Week Programs……………… (Payments due June 15th and July 15th)

Closed Dates: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving (Thursday/Friday), New Year’s Day,

Spring Break (condensed schedule), Memorial Day